How to pick flowers for a wedding


Flowers for a wedding is my favorite topic.I intend to give you few hints on how to save some money when you pick flowers for a wedding decoration. It is always a good idea to keep in mind the flowers you chose for the time of the year you wish to get married.

I would say that the best time is the spring since it is seen as a time of growth and renewal. Its symbolism makes it one of the best times of the year not only to pick flowers for a wedding but to begin a new life as a married couple.

Spring also provides brides more floral options and color combinations than perhaps any other season with bright blooms, in almost any texture, around every corner.

Brides and florists love lilac, peonies, viburnum, and dogwood blooms. Sadly these flowers for wedding are not available year-round. One huge advantage of a springtime wedding is that these popular floral choices are readily available.

The pricier blooms, such as peonies, are more economical in May than they are in September, and with the availability and affordable cost it allows springtime blooms to take center stage in the wedding décor.

In selecting the right floral families for your spring nuptials, not only will you need to consider style but also color. Ether purple flowers for weddings or white flowers for bouquets just let Mother Nature guide you in selecting the best flowers for a wedding.

Here are some beautiful and popular color combinations inspired by seasonal beauties for flowers for a wedding ceremony.

hot pink coral flowers for wedding1.-Hot Pink & Coral. Charm peonies in coral are an all-time favorite, but extremely seasonal. Now is the time to use them and in abundance. Hot Pink hydrangeas in a bunch or mixes within an arrangement are simply gorgeous and a perfect addition to wedding décor. Pink blossom branches are hard to resist with their elegant simplicity.

2.-Blue & Purple. Blue hydrangea is the definition of a true blue flower, which is so rare. Azure delphinium is another great statement piece with its full, lush stalks and electric blue blossoms. Purple hyacinth has a slight indigo undertone, but is still in the purple family and smells divine. Alliums blooms are fun and funky purple spheres that are loved by brides who want to add a touch of whimsy to their centerpiece. Blue mascara is a great, delicate bloom for your bridal bouquet and is also very fragran

yellow flowers for wedding3.-White & Champagne. White peonies are on the wish list of many brides as flowers for a wedding. When the fluffy flower is in season, brides are thrilled. When they are not in season, a great substitute for peonies is the garden rose. It has a similar folded petal look and smells great too. Vanilla-colored blossom branches are also available this time of the year to add height and texture to centerpieces. Lily of the valley is a sweet and delicate bloom that is another favorite for bridals bouquets.

4.-Yellow & Gray. Yellow daffodils are one of the happiest springtime flowers for a wedding available and when used copiously make for a cheerful floral display. Yellow forsythia is a beautiful branch that adds a burst of sunshine with its tiny little blooms. Sunny tulips are another popBouquet lilac 2 flowers for weddingular choice for their vibrant color and striking shape.

5.-Purple & Green. Lilac, the best spring has to offer and in my opinion, an absolute must for April nuptials. They also provide a lacey texture and a delicious scent for flowers for a wedding. Viburnum can be best described as a miniature apple green hydrangea pouf and is such a special, delicate flower because it is only in season for very few months. Anemones add richness and depth to floral décor with their dark purple tones and black center.

Spring is the time to delight in all that Mother Nature has to offer for flowers for weddings. She goes out of her way to provide so many beautiful choices, which means you can incorporate all of your favorite flowers for a wedding into your flower arrangements and décor without breaking the bank. I say go crazy, embrace these gorgeous options, and let the magic of spring dance with you on your special day. Just make sure you pick the right choice of flowers for a wedding ceremony and where to buy flowers for wedding. Everything will just look great and fresh.

If you need more information on how to choose flowers for a wedding  and meet with the experts on this matter feel free to contact as at 305-262-6202 / 305-300-0664. Visit our website at  or send an email to

Thanks and I´ll see you next time.

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Elina Merchan


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